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5 Ways To Refurbish Your Kitchen On A Budget In Dubai

Thinking of refurbishing your kitchen? A huge and exciting step to take, yet you might not want the hassle of pulling it all apart, starting from scratch. Here are some great ways from the Creative Wrap team in Dubai to kick off your kitchen refurbishment project on a budget.

1. Reimagine your decor.

Sounds too simple right? Have a step by step planned process – start by browsing through interior design, cooking books or even Pinterest to find the ‘look’ that you like. Then stand in your own kitchen and just imagine the colour, the tone and the theme. Now it’s time to get to work! This does not mean throwing everything away and just getting new things. Look towards what you can colour match. Are all your accessories the same colour or are they all over the place? Are your appliances all different brands or styles? Is there a way of displaying what you have differently? Add a splash of colour or even some plants, the choices are endless but the style is all yours. You just have to be planned and deliberate about it.  

2. Change your furniture for an instant upgrade.

Often, our kitchens are the central meeting spot for the family, but when was the last time you had new chairs or curtains? Simple we know, but often this is how a refurbishment starts. You change a chair, soon you’re changing everything.

3. When was the last time you had a look at your lighting?

Sometimes changing the lights in your kitchen gives it a whole new look and feel. But don’t stop there, why not change the cover plates on your electrical switches! Such a simple yet effective way to change the tone.  

4. A simple yet stylish change you may have never thought about.

Now this one is only a small change but it might mean that you don’t have to wear the cost of removing and replacing all your cupboard doors, especially in a modular kitchen. Changing all your door and cupboard handles to something more modern, bold or stylish. Let’s face it, we open and close the kitchen cupboard doors all the time, but when was the last time that you actually looked at the handles? Have a look at some new trends in door handles and find something that stands out. Don’t just replace them with something similar, make it stylish, make it dramatic and it might just change the whole look of your kitchen.  

5. Now for the most cost effective way to refurbish your kitchen, in just one day!

Using eco-friendly material, the Creative Wrap team is able to completely transform your kitchen cupboards, walls, benches and even splash backs. Our wraps are designed to give your existing kitchen (and other spaces as well) a complete makeover without all that nasty demolition and reconstruction. No time lost without a usable kitchen, no sounds of drills, hammers or saws. No loss of essential services like water or electricity. Our team, in most cases, can be in and out within a day, of course depending on the size of the job. So just imagine a whole new look, in hardly any time without all the hassle of construction. Bold, beautiful and on a budget. Best of all, it’s designed to match your style perfectly with an amazing range of colours, styles and patterns to choose from.  

Start imagining your new kitchen and in the meantime check out some examples of some recent kitchen refurbishments.

Contact our team to find out more, and we look forward to speaking with you to get your dream kitchen!