About Creative Wrap

Creative Wrap is the new generation of renovation, we offer a cost effective, eco-friendly way to upscale your space in less time than conventional renovation methods.

Founded in 2018 by two British expats Lloyd Williams and Aaron Mitchell, who together decided to revolutionize the interior industry by introducing the UAE to this very unique concept.

The idea behind this concept stemmed from co-founder Lloyd Williams seeking an innovative, yet cost effective way to upgrade his Dubai rental property, during his research he discovered that no company in the UAE specialized in the concept of interior wrapping with Architectural film.  

The aim was to simplify home and office renovations without the need for weeks of labor, heavy duty tools and a total mess.

Creative Wrap have a 4,000sqf Showroom in Dubai Investments Park, two small showrooms in ACE Hardware, one in Festival City and the other in Festival Plaza, and are expanding into the GCC & Europe very soon, subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on our exciting journey and receive exclusive offers. (click here to subscribe)


We transform your space using our unique Interior Architectural Film.

We specialise in upcycling interior spaces from kitchens to bathrooms, lobbies to lifts and anything in between using our unique wrapping system which utilises premium Architectural Interior Film. From kitchen worktop refurbishment to bathroom renovations, we have what it takes to handle it all. Our materials boast benefits such as being fully waterproof, scratch resistant, antibacterial, anti-mold and self-extinguishing.

Our film is carefully cut into sections to suit your space and attached onto the surface using an effective application system onsite, which ensures all edges are tight and flush. This results in a good-as-new transformation. A perfect fit is guaranteed with our bespoke wrapping service, so there are no unsightly gaps or overlaps after the renovation process. This guarantees an easy installation process to give you added value for money, luxury finishes and an endless stream of compliments.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence" - Vince Lombardi