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Give life to your hotel interior design and exceed guests’ expectations with our speedy hotel renovation. Creative Wrap is the premier vinyl wrapping company in the GCC region and our premium wrapping service uses architectural interior film and is suitable for all interior renovation projects including office refurbishment, home interior wrapping, and commercial renovation.  Many will know that most traditional hotel renovations can take up to at least 30 days per room – which is 30 days of loss of revenue for every room renovated. We understand that time is money, which is why we keep our time and noise for hotel wrapping down to a minimum and with substantially less disturbance than traditional interior renovations. And did we mention the best part? Existing furniture and fitting don’t need to be replaced so you can redesign your space in less time and cost to you!

Wrap The Look For Less

Choose from our wide range of hotel wrapping options with a variety of patterns, textures and colours to get the exact finish you desire for hotel rooms, dining rooms, and reception areas at a cost-effective price point.  Our architectural interior film actually improves the existing unit with even more benefits than the original material. That’s because our interior wrapping is heat, scratch & water resistant and is able to take heavy foot traffic with ease. If you are after a traditional marble or wood look for your hotel renovation or office refurbishment, our architectural interior film can mimic the look without the downfalls associated with certain raw materials (i.e. wood warping).

Create Unique Spaces In Your Hotel

Our premium architectural interior film is European-grade vinyl wrapping that is self-adhesive, laminated, easy to clean and can be placed over any natural substance such as wood, stone, marble, granite and metal. Other ‘real material’ looks that can be achieved with our wrapping services include granite, stone, marble and metal. As the leaders in sustainable home wrapping services, our ethos is “wrap it, don’t scrap it!”. That’s why we offer full customisation of all furniture, bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen wrapping. 

Our interior wraps will make a striking and lasting impression at your hotel entrance and all areas of the hotel to really wow guests. It is also extremely useful to create unique spaces and multi-use areas seamlessly. You can also choose a custom print design to bring your vision to life. Think guest lounges, digital nomad work spaces, office and conference areas, etc. Our hotel wrapping is also fully removable which allows you to play around with ideas without the worry of going over budget.

Vinyl Wrapping vs Wallpaper

We often crave the intricate look of wallpaper that transports us to a different era in time and place. But in reality, many types of wallpaper are highly flammable and can be a danger to you and your guests. Our architectural interior films for hotel wrapping are fire-tested to comply with most regulation standards. Even better, our interior wrapping has an ‘anti-fade’ finish, allowing you to enjoy your design without the hassle and expense of replacing sun-damaged furniture, floors and walls. The installation of our vinyl hotel wrapping is also cleaner and quicker due to the self-adhesive backing. No more, wallpaper glue and misaligned or sagging wallpaper that renders a room out of use for maintenance.

Choose Vinyl Wrapping For Your Next Hotel Renovation

If your hotel is in need of a design refresh but you’re worried about downtime and the cost, we can help. At Creative Wrap, we can wrap a room in 1 day and even whilst guests are in the room next door! We are quiet, speedy and best of all, no mess! Contact us today and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote on all your hotel renovation requirements.