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Wrapping up the advantages of Architectural Wrap

At Creative we specialise in offering high-quality, self-adhesive, laminated interior film application system that provides the authentic appearance of real material, at a fraction of the price; we present to you, Architectural Wrap, also known as Interior Film.

Today we discuss the in’s and out’s of Architectural Wrap and how it can help you bring your dream design into fruition within a matter of hours, with minimal disruption and with astonishing cost savings compared to the authentic material.

A Brief Overview of Architectural Wrap

Architectural Wrap comes in a variety of finishes from marble, stone, granite, wood, metal and more. Providing a brilliant coating material which not only helps bring any room a new lease of life, but also provides a solution which has minimal disruption and therefore reducing downtime of any business operation. On the other hand, if you are a home owner you can continue to live in your home whilst the Architectural Wrap is installed. The minimally intrusive installation enables the work to be executed in any scenario without the need to worry about any smells such as those that are present whilst painting etc. Architectural Wrap gives the end user the ability to fully customise their interior space to how they want it to be. The only downside – choosing the Architectural Wrap may take some time as here at Creative Wrap we have over 600 colours and effects to choose from in our Core Architectural Range. If that isn’t enough – at the time of writing we currently have over 2000 material effects to choose from in our Extended Product Range. It’s time to get Creative

Advantages of Architectural Wrap

Where to start! Architectural Wrap first of all has the advantage that, if you are wrapping wood (such as kitchen cabinet doors and interior doors) then the Architectural Wrap material will actually be more durable than the material you are wrapping. At Creative Wrap Solutions we have a huge selection of Architectural Wrap that are both heat and scratch resistant. To give you an idea of how resistant they are; if you were to try and scratch the material (once installed) with a key or something similar – then you would not be able to. Even when applying significant force the Architectural wrap will not scratch. This not only protects the material you are wrapping, but also reduces your maintenance bills! No more touching up around the house, as there will be no touch ups needed! In regards to heat resistant; one of the services we provide here at Creative Wrap Solutions is the ability to wrap counter tops with our Architectural Wrap. The selection of heat resistant Architectural Wraps that we use are heat resistant to the point where you may be boiling a pan of water and then remove it onto the counter top (once wrapped), and to your amazement, the material will not be damaged at all. No colour variation, no melting, no bending, no moulding, no damage – simply fine.

But it does not stop there! Further advantages are:

  • 1 – no harmful or potent smells when installing
  • 2 – minimally intrusive installation
  • 3 – huge areas can be completely transformed in as little as one day
  • 4 – mould, oil, stain resistant
  • 5 – choice of literally thousands of effects and colours
  • 6 – make your space, YOUR space – complete customization available

Oh, and did i forget to mention that the average saving is over 70{4c3bc4ffb44e2de4383ffecf646c1f12093897737643f22080527091c888e97b} on the authentic “real” material?

Disadvantages of Architectural Wrap

The majority of disadvantages associated with Architectural Wrap is due to poor quality installation. if the material is installed properly and installed well, then the Architectural Wrap will work wonders. Contrastingly, if the installation is rushed and is not up to a high standard then you can see problems with the material peeling back, cuts and folds not in the right location, seams mis-aligned etc. All of this will take away from that “special effect” that the Architectural Wrap has. In most cases, once wrapped, someone that does not know that the material is a wrap would be none the wiser….unless the installation is not done properly.

The only other down side to Architectural Wrap is that, in some cases, the technology can only match the real material by so much. For example, some marble effects will not look 100{4c3bc4ffb44e2de4383ffecf646c1f12093897737643f22080527091c888e97b} like their authentic material. Although, with that said, it looks darn close!


To summarise; the pro’s greatly out way the con’s when it comes to Architectural Wrap and, most of the con’s can be completely eliminated if you ensure your Architectural Wrappers’ installation is up to a high standard.

Why not check out the images on our website or facebook to see the advantages and disadvantages yourself?

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