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Benefits Of Having A Sustainable Bathroom Wrap Refurbishment

There are few places where we’re as carefree and comfortable as in our private bathrooms. It’s often where we relax or do our best thinking! So we understand the importance of creating a calming, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing space for this purpose – which is why our unique wrapping system offers a fast, beautiful and sustainable bathroom refurbishment service that is both easy on your wallet and your conscience.

As interior fit-out specialists in the UAE, Creative Wrap has gained a reputation not only for its kitchen renovations but also for its bathroom refurbishments, bringing the same precision, aesthetics and variety to such projects. You can say goodbye to washed-out, tarnished or outdated counters, tiles, panels and cabinets when you have our revolutionary, sustainable bathroom wrapping services. Give your creativity full reign while choosing from a wide range of patterns, colours and textures – with over 7,000 amazing finishes on offer. In short, we can help make your ‘to go’ space the go-to place you’ve always wanted at an affordable price.

While you dwell on your reimagined bathroom, we’ll fill you in on what makes our eco-friendly bathroom wrap, and us as service providers, stand out. For starters, our materials are unique and cost-efficient, allowing us to carve out a sustainable economical niche in the local market. With reports of pollution, deforestation and other environmental issues on the rise, sustainable innovation is the need of the hour in every industry.

Sourcing good alternatives to original fit-out materials is one way forward, and we want to play our part in reducing the dependence on natural resources. This is where our Architectural Vinyl Film comes in – it is a new-generation renovation solution that has increasing demand as a sustainable bathroom wrapping option.

A product in its own league

What makes the Architectural Vinyl Film so special? It is high in quality, self-adhesive, laminated and can be placed over any natural substance – like wood, stone, marble, granite and metal. It’s also resistant to heat, mould, oil, stains and scratches, and is durable, easy to clean and maintain!

On the environmental front, there are so many advantages. Since it transforms and protects what it covers, the wrap extends the lifespan of items underneath, such as cabinets, vanities and countertops. This prevents more trees from being cut down and thousands of wood fittings from going to the landfill. As it renders an authentic appearance and even feel, the film can be considered an effective alternative to a variety of premium materials – which are more environmentally harmful and expensive to source.  

So, what exactly is in it for you? The interior film does not require much time or many tools to install, meaning there’s little to no disruption to your surroundings and routine. While it is hard to distinguish from an unwrapped surface, it allows for about 80% in cost savings and comes with no hassles, thanks to you NOT having to replace worn-out, damaged or unwanted fittings. The best part? You get to join in the cause for sustainability (we all have a responsibility towards it after all), which enables us to prevent up to 12km2 of waste in monthly landfills! It’s no wonder why this eco-friendly bathroom wrapping, and interior wrapping in general, is gaining popularity.

Service performance guarantee

One thing to note is that the film application process can be tricky as it has to be undertaken without creases, rolls, mismatched cuts, unsightly gaps and wrongful placements. It’s a job that relies on the expertise of skilled professionals, which we always follow through on. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in architectural wrapping within the UK and we know our industry like the back of our hands. There’s no challenge too big or too small. Our team is well-trained and can seamlessly handle every project to completion; we dedicate our utmost energy to every project we take on.

Sustainability at the core

At Creative Wrap, we’re as passionate about upcycling your interiors as we are about our commitment to cutting out waste and being eco-conscious. As our motto goes, “Why scrap it when you can wrap it?”.

If you are ready for a bathroom makeover using a sustainable interior wrap, give us a call or contact us. Let us know your request and we’ll bring your vision to life, while you do your pocket and the planet a favour!