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Fully Customisable Kitchen Wraps For Easy Kitchen Renovation

The sky is the limit when it comes to the Kitchen Wrap that Creative Wrap Solutions has to offer.

Here at Creative Wrap Solutions we truly focus on bringing our customers a solution that not only offers quality materials but the ability to fully customise every millimeter of any space; including your kitchen. Enticing interest with 150 colours available in both matt and gloss, this is surely the beginning of something special. We allow our clients to mix and match as they please and there is no limit on the amount of colours you can choose on any project; already lifting the boundaries on standard kitchen renovations and providing a huge array of possible kitchen wrap outcomes. Gone are the days that the end user is limited to the standard pallet of colours a kitchen supplier can provide.

With that said, if 300 options of our standard colours is not enough, we have you “covered” (literally)! In our architectural series we offer over 500 different colours and effects such as wood, granite, stone, marble, concrete, metal and more. Within each range we have materials that come with texture so they look and feel like the real deal. For example, take our architectural wood vinyl; when applied professionally your guests would never even know that it was a kitchen wrap and not actually wood as it looks and feels like the real thing, truly an amazing material which we are proud to provide to you. The end result when this material is used for a kitchen wrap is phenomenal.

At this stage some may say that our material range is excessive, yet we consider it essential. At Creative Wrap Solutions we aim to provide a service that ensures there are no limitations on your creativity: so here is where it gets truly Creative! With an available artwork collection of over 200 million images (and growing) we can create any image you please with our custom vinyl solutions. Perhaps you want red brick with white grout for your backsplash? Or funny cartoon pictures for your childrens wardrobe? Or is there no marble in our range that really stands out and you’d like to customise it for you? We can do it all. Our graphic designer will take your chosen artwork and can even customise it further for you to ensure it is exactly what you are looking for. Now this is true customisation, and we wouldn’t want you to have anything less.

We aim to offer a bespoke service every single time. What ever your requirement or your idea for your kitchen wrap, rest assured we have you covered. We challenge and entice your creative side and we love to see the the final master piece: created by you, provided by us, loved by many.