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How Architectural Vinyl Wrap Can Transform & Boost Your Commercial Refurbishment

If you’re the owner or manager of a business that relies on footfall, you know that the look and feel of your commercial space has an impact on all those who visit your company. Interiors represent your brand ethos and identity, giving customers a first (or even lasting) impression of what to expect. If your fitouts are worn-out, outdated, or simply don’t represent the evolving nature of your business – whether it’s a hotel, retail outlet, salon, school or restaurant, then you could be in need of a commercial refurbishment or business renovation using architectural vinyl wrap! There are many options for business renovations, but one of the most innovative and cost effective methods is using architectural vinyl wrap – a laminate film that serves as an alternative to classic refurbishments, for a fraction of the price.  At Creative Wrap, we are experts in this innovative process for interior transformation. Whether you want to wrap your surfaces, walls, doors, tables or even create a statement feature wall, our premium quality film product presents a hassle-free approach to interior revamps.  Why should you opt for a commercial wrapping refurbishment? We’re glad you asked! Let’s fill you in.  

Minimal disruption to daily activities

The application process of our film product is non-intrusive. No big machinery is needed for installation and it lends a short turnaround time, depending on the size of your space and the efficiency of the applicator. More importantly, when you refit with a wrap, you won’t need to close up shop. When our work is in progress, so is yours. Stay open for business and see your vision unfold in as little as a day!  

Huge benefits with one easy fix

There are many attributes that make architectural vinyl wrap a well-loved solution. It is high in quality, scratch resistant, waterproof and has a warranty of up to 5 years. No existing fittings need to be removed as the film is self-adhesive and can be directly applied to any surface. The installation also requires minimal manpower, which translates to cut-downs in labour costs. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to deliver a seamless service, without any disruption to your work environment. Appealing to your clientele’s changing tastes is essential, and vinyl wrap takes the headache out of any future modifications as the application is entirely reversible, with no damage to the materials underneath.   

Customise and create as you please

Our film comes in over 1,000 colours, either in gloss or matte finishes, and with 6,000 different ‘effects’ to pick from – including natural stone, leather, wood, marble, metal and cracked gold. From sophisticated and industrial to cosy and chic, there’s no style or theme that can’t be achieved with our architectural vinyl wrap system. So let your imagination run free to see your brand fully complemented, and customers catered to! We also specialise in what is known as a ‘feature wall’, bringing together our premium textures and palates to create a standout spot in your commercial space. Use it as a backdrop for your brand name, product launches, customer interactions and more. The feature wall is a great crowd-puller, helping to boost brand interest and awareness amongst customers, which can help to achieve your revenue goals!  

Big savings on temporary fit-outs

Does your business require the use of short-term displays?  Using a high-grade wrap is ideal for temporary designs such as mall billboards or niche advertising required at events. It’s a great cost-effective solution for adding a special touch to make a space ‘pop’, with savings of up to 70% as compared to traditional fit-outs.  As few resources are required and materials wastage is limited, this is an incredible eco-friendly choice!  

It’s time to get Creative

Are you ready to wrap and refresh your commercial space? If you’d like to discuss a business renovation or overhaul of your service space, please contact us here.  We will collaborate on your design vision and consult with recommendations, solutions and estimates for your business renovation dreams.  Commercial refurbishments are the mainstay of our game, and we thrive on taking up a challenge – we can’t wait to hear from you!