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Kitchen Renovation: 5 “Dream Kitchen” Wrapping Tips For The Holiday Season

Your kitchen, especially during the festive season is the hub of the home. It’s where families connect and prepare delicious meals to share. As the holidays approach, you may feel like you need a kitchen makeover as your kitchen decor is just not cutting it and you’ve run out of time for a kitchen renovation. With Creative Wrap, you can have the kitchen of your dreams with home improvement in as little as a day. With our kitchen wrapping made from European-grade architectural film, we can transform your kitchen into the perfect place to welcome and entertain your guests.  

5 Kitchen Makeover Tips For The Perfect Holiday Transformation

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Wrapping

The very first thing your guests will see when they step into your kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. Our premium kitchen cabinet wrapping film adheres seamlessly to your kitchen cabinets bringing new life to your existing cabinetry. This small change can often make the biggest difference to the overall look of your kitchen. Our kitchen wrapping solutions are also fully removable with no damage to the original cabinetry. Get your dream kitchen now with our fully customisable range of designs, patterns and textures. You will see why our ethos is “wrap it, don’t scrap it!”.     

  1. Kitchen Counter Wrapping

Yes, we wrap kitchen counters too! This is a highly satisfying way to bring new life to your kitchen counters which have started to look worn and ‘tired’ over the years. Our architectural film is ‘life-proof’ meaning it easily resists the effects of heat, scratches and water to continue to look brand new for years to come. Choose from a range of kitchen counter wrapping that resemble everything from stone to granite, and wood to marble. Take a look at some of our incredible before and after projects here.    

  1. Kitchen Backsplash Wrapping

A kitchen backsplash brings character to your kitchen and is usually located around your hob and sink area. It might be thought of as decorative only but in fact, kitchen backsplash wraps do more than just that.  A high-quality kitchen backsplash wrapping also prevents stains, dirt, damage and marks on your walls and is heat and scratch-resistant. Instead of having to remove existing tiles which often makes a mess and is a lengthy process, our kitchen wrapping solution can be applied over existing tiles meaning less time for you and more time to enjoy the instant upgrade.   

  1. Kitchen Wall Wrapping

Make a statement with our kitchen wall wrapping with a contrasting accent wall or a vinyl wrap that seamlessly blends with your overall aesthetic. Instead of just painting your walls, you can choose from different textures and designs to get the dream kitchen makeover you always wanted – in half the time! As mentioned above, existing wall tiles will not need to be removed meaning less labour-intensive costs, less mess and more flexibility in your choice of interior design.    

  1. Flooring

You know what they say about the flooring in a room –  It is the canvas that makes other objects stand out. We have a range of floori wrapping to suit anyone’s taste. A popular flooring choice is usually real wood flooring which is expensive to purchase and maintain with a time-consuming installation. Our floor wrapping options include Gerbur Vision, a top-of-the-range luxury vinyl tile available which provides a life-like natural effect with increased durability and value for money.

Contact Creative Wrap today!

If you’re looking for a complete transformation, we offer a full kitchen wrap service. This includes all the features mentioned above. We will dedicate your very own project manager to ensure that your dream makeover is handled with less hassle for you and in a timely manner. A standard-size kitchen will take one day to complete. Get in touch with us today to make your dream kitchen makeover a reality in less time and cost than you expected!