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A brief overview of Kitchen Wrapping in Dubai

Anyone who has been in Dubai long enough has come to the same realisation that the kitchens, in most places, let the whole property down. Whether it be a new build or old accommodation, the kitchen can seem mismatched, out of place or generally awful. Here we will briefly discuss how using Kitchen Wrapping in Dubai can help not just eliminate this problem but help completely transform any kitchen to the point it is unrecognisable. “According to a poll of around 11,000 UAE residents carried out by property website Propertyfinder, 70 per cent of respondents said that they rented their homes rather than buying them” – The National, July 2016. Although outdated, this statement still stands true. With the majority of residents in Dubai renting their properties, there has previously been an annoying limitation on the work that a tenant can do on the property they live in. The outdated bathroom cabinets with deep grooves, the dilapidated interior doors, old yellow tiles, dark brown wood throughout and not to mention the worn-out kitchen: this is the general view when walking around your average property in Dubai today. Back to the point: kitchens. Your average-sized kitchen can be completely wrapped in sugar and spice and all things nice…well, in all things stone, wood, marble, concrete, more wood, more stone, more marble and pretty much any colour you can imagine. With over 1000 material references you can forget the days of moving into a property and simply accepting your kitchen as it is. Now you should be thinking of what you want it to be. As if you were shopping for a new outfit for this weekend’s antics, you can now pick and choose your kitchens new attire: through kitchen wrapping. Wrap your cabinets, counter top, tiles, backsplash, roof, doors, window frames, windows….almost anything. It’s time to make the kitchen of your dreams (literally you could dream a kitchen and we could wrap it into reality for you) and let us amaze you when it is all done in one day.

Limitations of Kitchen Wrapping in Dubai

There is none. Okay, there is, although not from your usual limitations. Usually choice is a limitation: however this is radically removed. As discussed above, over 1000 material references and a huge range of colours (including fifty shades of grey – pun intended) removes this standard limitation. Kitchen wrapping limitations come in the form of durability. One must consider what durability they are looking for when selecting a material to wrap with. Do you want the wrapping material to stand the test of time such as the wrapping material from Dr. Dre, Eminem or Snoop Dogg? Jokes aside, if you do want something long lasting and durable then the only option is to choose architectural vinyl which is both scratch and heat resistant (two of many great characteristics of this material). Architectural vinyl is often more durable than the authentic material it is “replicating”. For example, the marble effect is not porous and does not absorb water like real marble often does. The wood effect does not become damaged when scratched like real wood does. White matt paint effect does not peel like real paint does. On the other hand, if one is only looking for a quick “face-lift” and is not concerned about durability; then standard vinyl is suitable for this application. Another limitation is heat resistance. Inevitably, no vinyl is going to be as heat resistant compared to any stone or marble. Nevertheless, the heat resistance provided by architectural vinyl is suitable for the majority of kitchens by withstanding temperatures up to 110°C. Anything over this temperature, a simple cork mat (or similar) can be at hand ready for hot baking trays and the like to be placed upon it. A client of Creative Wrap Solutions used tempered glass to overcome this limitation which worked very nicely.

The advantages of Kitchen Wrapping in Dubai

To elaborate on what has already been discussed above: kitchen wrapping in Dubai helps to remove the limitation of choice. If you can imagine it, there is probably a wrap similar to what you have imagined: gone are the days when the end user is stuck with a limited choice of finishes. Once more, a finish that may have been out of budget prior will now be in budget thanks to wrapping. The cost savings of wrapping are as much as 70 per cent when compared to the authentic material. Furthermore, it is common for a tenant to not want to invest in a property that they do not own; however, with kitchen wrapping the investment is substantially less for almost the same end result. Once more, kitchen wrapping proves highly beneficial when considering the time frame a standard transformation takes. A standard transformation is usually completed in as little as one day; with no mess, dust, debris or noise that is associated with traditional methods of refurbishment.

Kitchen Wrapping in Dubai is at the forefront of Smart Renovations. The service allows for a fast transformation with Eco-Friendly materials and is inevitably far more cost-efficient than using the original material, although it still provides an authentic look that can last longer than classical solutions. If you opt for architectural vinyl then the materials could be considered superior in comparison to the replicated material as the vinyl is high quality; durable, scratch & heat resistant and provides a realistic look.

Kitchen Wrapping is inherently “no maintenance” and allows the end user to clean with eco-friendly materials which are not intensive and do not cause any smells. Additionally, at Creative Wrap Solutions we provide material that is Fire-Rated, contains no VOC and is completely free from any formaldehyde. On top of that, a warranty of up to 10 Years is available against any delamination, cracking and yellowing. Oh, and did I mention it’s all done in one day?