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Kitchen Wrapping Dubai

A brief introduction

Kitchen wrapping Dubai has absolutely exploded over the past three years. in 2018 there were only a handful of companies offering kitchen wrapping in Dubai and fast forward to January 2022 there are now over thirty different companies all claiming to be the leading company specialising in kitchen wrapping Dubai. I’m Aaron, from Creative Wrap and I’m here to try to help you ensure you find the best kitchen wrap company in Dubai to suit your specific requirements. Keep reading and I’ll do my best to guide you through the process in selecting the best suited kitchen wrapping dubai company, so let’s get into it.

What you should look out for.

Honesty & Integrity

Firstly I’d like to assume that honesty and integrity play an important role in your decision making process. If a kitchen wrap company is claiming to be the biggest, the best, the one who has been here the longest, served the best quality, wrapped the moon etc then ask them to prove it. Your are about to hand over your hard earned cash and welcome this company into your home, you have every right to question their integrity. If confrontation isn’y your style then an easy way to investigate yourself is to check their social pages to see when they made their first post. If its mid 2021, but are claiming to have 10 years experience in kitchen wrapping Dubai, then inevitably they are inherently lying and anyone would advise you to stay clear from a company profusely lying to try to gain your trust. At least if they were new to the market but had good quality that they could show you – then they should be open and honest about it. Otherwise, when there is an issue with your kitchen wrap how can you be sure they will honour their work and if applicable, their warranty and come back to fix the issue? Exactly, you can’t.

Duration you need the kitchen wrap to last

Now we have the obvious out of the way, we will focus more on the details of Kitchen Wrapping Dubai. When looking for a Kitchen Wrapping company to carry out your wrapping work you firstly need to understand exactly what you want to get out of the wrap. Are you in a rental and only planning on staying there for a year, so the wrap doesn’t need to last longer than that? Or are you a home owner and finally you can get rid of those cabinets you don’t like but you need a durable, long term solution? What ever it may be, there are huge array of options for you.

Short term – 1 year or less

If you are only looking for a wrap to last a year, you may be enticed to go for the cheapest option possible. If you are going to do this please make sure you have permission from your landlord to carry out the work as cheap wrap means cheap glue, which can cause potential damage when removing the wrap (if it can be removed at all). Furthermore, if you opt for the cheapest solution this usually translates into poor service and quality. Not always, but usually; a quick google or Facebook search will bring up many examples of this, so it is something just to keep in mind. With that said, wrapping is not straight forward and at times requires very intricate detailing to ensure a nice finish. If you have opted for the cheapest company we have seen wraps that should only take one day to install turn into week long projects. One of the advantages of wrapping is its supposed to be mess & stress free – you go to work in the morning, and when you return you have a “brand new” kitchen – but instead it could be “you can’t use your kitchen for 5 more days”. What’s more, the end result is far below any standard anyone should expect and the whole idea of covering up horrible old cabinets has now become removing the horribly installed wrap. Contrastingly, if you can fish out a bargain from one of the big wrapping names who regularly do discounts during DSF, New Year and other times of the year – then we highly recommend to go for the cheapest option here.

Medium to long term – 3 years or more

If durability and quality is more your thing, then there are literally thousands of available finishes of Architectural Interior Film available. Lets just say this is basically wrap on steroids. Interior Film in most cases looks and feels like the authentic material but comes in at around 75% cost savings of the traditional refurbishment method. You can have concrete, wood, stone, marble and much more and it is scratch, mould and stain resistant and 100% waterproof. Anyway, you are here to understand how to select a kitchen wrapping dubai company so i’m sure you are aware of this already. If not, check out our website for more information here! Additionally, if you are more into DIY you can check out who would be happy to supply you with the material directly so you can try some wrapping yourself! Moving on quickly… point was that durable, quality materials do not come cheap. As you can see from the cost from the actual cost of the material in some scenarios is very expensive such as premium woods, concretes and marbles. So this will reflect in the higher prices charged by the professional wrapping companies who do offer premium materials. So it is important to keep this in mind that if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Design limitations

Depending on your design ideas you may be looking for the limitations to be lifted on available finishes. The majority of kitchen wrapping companies will have a limited amount of finishes available; perhaps ten or so colours, a few woods, marbles and concretes – offering around a total of 20 different finishes. If this will be an issue for you, and you want to lift the design constraints that limited materials impose then ask the kitchen wrapping dubai company how many finishes they have available before proceeding any further – they should be able to tell you over the phone, otherwise it would be weird if they didn’t. At Creative Wrap we have approximately 75 finishes in our core range and available at any time, sometimes this can extend to over 100 finishes. But we pride ourselves on our material selection. What’s more, if nothing in our core range suits your specific requirement then you can select from one of our catalogues and we will order the material in just for your project. In total we have thousands of finishes available, just not all in the UAE.

What level of service are you truly looking for

Premium service, comes with a premium price and vice versa. Just like when you opt for a no thrills flight you expect to pay bottom price, if you opt for a no thrills wrapping service you can also save money here. However, is that something you truly want to do? At the end of the day these companies will be coming to your home, intruding in your family’s personal space. By spending slightly more you could be saving elsewhere, such as saving on a major headache. From our research there is only a couple of hundred dirham difference between the major reputable wrapping companies within Dubai; so why not spend that little extra for that peace of mind. If high level service is what you want, find a Kitchen Wrapping Dubai company that has dedicated consultants and project managers. A project manager should be assigned to your project as soon as you have confirmed the job, from there on out, the project manager should be available to you at every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process, but most of all, to ensure the quality is delivered up to the standard expected. If you want even better service, find a wrapping company that has a dedicated customer support team, so if there are any issues outside the ordinary they will be there to help. There’s a huge difference between a company that has someone there for you to help, and a company that has dedicated people at every step of the way to ensure everything is actioned in a timely manner. Everyone can do everything, but they can’t do it well – Jack of all trades, professional at none as the saying goes. Look for a company that has the full spectrum of departments working together to deliver a first class experience. When you have someone dedicated to a specific field, this is where quality truly excels and the customer experience is transformed into something truly exceptional. Inevitably, if this is what you are looking for then the price should reflect this. I hope this content has been useful to you and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to assist you in your wrapping journey!