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Low Cost Restaurant Wrapping Renovations In Dubai With Creative Wrap

In a city like Dubai, dining out is a popular pastime – and it’s easy to see why, given that there are over 13,000 restaurants to choose from that cater to all cuisines, themes and budgets! If you are a restaurant manager or restaurateur competing in this bustling F&B/hospitality landscape, you know the importance of keeping a business attractive to guests and standing out from the crowd, from the menu offerings to the venue’s branding, aesthetics and an ambience worth coming back to. A restaurant renovation can be a great way to give your space a new lease of life and do just that!    While a commercial refurbishment requires lots of planning, it doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. Simplify your project by going for a restaurant wrapping renovation rather than the classic ‘scrap-and-redo’ approach. At Creative Wrap, we’re experienced in this modern, low-cost solution – we can upscale any surface by using high-quality architectural vinyl wrap.   With vibrant dishes and breathtaking interiors filling up diners’ social feeds at the click of a button, the pressure to create inviting and memorable restaurant spaces has also grown. In this fast-paced and fast-changing scenario, it makes sense to redesign using interior wrapping, as it allows you to:  

  • Keep the momentum going with a fast transformation with minimal downtime
  • Remain eco-friendly
  • Swap styles easily with our fully reversible wrapping

  Here are some USPs of using our wrap for your commercial refurbishment:  

Aesthetic benefits

Vinyl wrapping can enhance a restaurant’s overall aesthetic and provide expensive looking textures and finishes at a fraction of the cost. From shiny, matte, patterned & textured finishes, to many different natural textures like wood, metal, stone and more! Choose from the 7,000+ options we offer and stand out from the competition by creating a distinctive visual experience for customers.  


If you only want to change a wall or small section of your venue, you can simply pick from our selections to match or complement your existing theme! Putting on a special event? Level up your space with a unique touch, courtesy of a temporary wrap. You’re guaranteed to create some ‘gram-worthy’ moments that will have your guests talking and sharing!  

Superior quality and function

Our wrap has a warranty of up to 5 years, and is easy to clean and maintain. It is extremely durable, being waterproof and resistant to scratch, heat, oil and mould. All of these aspects are necessities in a restaurant setting where spills and stains can be expected daily!  

Fast transformation

No diner wants their favourite restaurant shut for weeks, nor do you want your business out of service for long. With the aid of our trained professionals, a wrapping project could mean your venue stays open almost seamlessly, as it can be handled in a few days. While the installation process relies on skill (which we deliver on, always), it isn’t a tedious or high-risk task. Bonus? Should you change your mind, the film is 100% reversible – with no damage to the underlying material – and can be removed or changed just as fast.  


One of the main benefits of architectural wrapping is that it is much more affordable than a complete commercial refurbishment, with up to 70% in projected savings. This is particularly beneficial for eateries that are eager to curb spending yet need an upgrade.  


Going ‘green’ and ‘clean’ are the current buzzwords across industries. As environmental issues pile on, the onus lies on businesses to be more sustainable and review the ‘old’ ways of doing things. Furniture and interior wrapping are trending alternatives to the norm. Avoid adding to landfills and preserve the physical inventory you have with a restaurant wrapping renovation.  


Vinyl wrapping is effective on furniture and cabinets, walls and floors, feature walls and more. Regardless of the surface (wood, metal, glass or stone) it can be applied equally fuss-free. The only limitation is your imagination!   If you want to serve up a fresh feel of your interiors, don’t hesitate to contact us for your restaurant renovation. Let us know your request, and we can help you with design solutions to transform your commercial space, all while staying within your budget.