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When it comes to bathroom renovations, a big factor is the choice of bathroom cabinets. We thoroughly research the perfect colour, design and fit that we will enjoy for years to come. With bathroom wrapping you can quickly transform your vanity, cabinets, walls and floors with a cost-effective and easily removable solution. This means you never have to worry about no longer enjoying your bathroom space and having to rip it all out.  Inspiration and tastes evolve just like we do over time. Maybe you’re looking for a change and bathroom wrapping allows you to “flip” your bathroom interior styling in as little as one day. 

Flip Your Bathroom Cabinets in 2024: Speedy Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

Wrap, Don’t Renovate!

The advantages of bathroom cabinet wrapping can often outweigh a full bathroom renovation which is time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive. Cabinet wraps allow full customisation of your bathroom cabinets with the added bonus of being easily removed with minimal difficulty. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to let your creativity fly and be daring and bold with your choices. Vinyl wraps will transform your entire space into a radically different style without having to replace any of your bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinet Wrapping Cost vs Bathroom Renovation

You may think choosing suitable materials for bathroom cabinets that are durable and won’t date is costly. With bathroom cabinet wraps, the cost of installation is far cheaper as it avoids the cost of replacing tiles, fixtures, and cabinetry. Our premium wrapping film will add a protective layer to your cabinets and vanity that is resistant to moisture, stains and daily wear and tear. It is also highly durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain over time. Even when opting for cheaper cabinetry, the installation cost may still come at a higher price than expected. Bathroom cabinet wrapping allows you to wrap in the style of a far more expensive bathroom cabinet for a fraction of the cost.

Types of Cabinet Wraps

Our Architectural Interior Film is made from European standard vinyl and is capable of mimicking several organic materials such as wood grain, metal, stone, etc. Whether you enjoy matte or high gloss finishes, our vinyl wrap is so life-like, that you will think it’s the real thing. What’s even better, the 6-year guarantee ensures you have plenty of time to enjoy a complete transformation. If you’re looking for an instant upgrade our premium wrapping services will give life to already existing cabinets, bathroom vanities, walls and floors. The interior film we use is also fully removable should you decide to leave your current premises.

Why choose Creative Wrap for your desired transformation?

Our wrapping solution has been enjoyed by countless customers since inception and the reviews speak for themselves. With years of experience in the home refurbishment industry and a squad of highly trained professionals, our results continue to be the reason we are the first choice for Dubai residents and business owners. After choosing one of our design wrapping solutions, you will receive your personal project manager who will oversee the project from start to finish. Often, our projects require just over a day to complete. Now you can get the bathroom cabinet style you want without the mess and inconvenience of loud heavy-duty power tools, dust and time-consuming labour.

Get the Bathroom Cabinets of Your Dreams Today!

Transforming your bathroom cabinets doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out process with costly materials and an unlivable home environment. Upcycle and flip your current bathroom cabinets in less than a day with Creative Wrap. If you’re looking for premium wrapping solutions in Dubai, Contact Us Today.

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