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Pioneering Perfection: The Journey of Creative Wrap Dubai & its Premium Wrapping Solutions

Creative Wrap Dubai was founded in 2017 with the belief that quick and affordable interior design transformation was possible. With our unique furniture wrapping system made from European premium architectural interior film, there’s nothing that our premium wrapping solutions can’t wrap!     Founders Lloyd Willians and Aaron Mitchell discovered this gap in the market when Lloyd was seeking an innovative yet budget-friendly solution to upgrade his Dubai rental home. He wanted to update the wardrobes, bathroom vanities and kitchen counters without the hassle and expense of a full-scale renovation. No premium wrapping solutions were currently available in the UAE which made Lloyd look further abroad for a possible solution.    

Creative Wrap – A Market Leader In Interior Refurbishment

Fast forward 7 years and Creative Wrap is now a market leader in the industry and the largest interior wrapping company in the world. With over 70 qualified installers and 7000 projects completed, Creative Wrap offers both residential and commercial premium wrapping solutions. The professional wrapping company hires only the highest trained and experienced wrapping professionals with strict European standards. We have a strong belief that architectural vinyl is not only a substitute for wood but should be considered as a suitable alternative.    

Why Is Creative Wrap So Popular?

Creative Wrap’s wrapping solution is built for all spaces and allows a quick transformation in your rental home or business building. It is a highly attractive home and business renovation solution due to its scratch-resistant, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective qualities. What’s even better, the entire installation process offers a quieter, quicker and cleaner finish. All materials are fully waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-mould and self-extenigushing. Skip the unsightly mess and time-consuming labour with loud heavy-duty tools. We upcycle and wrap interior spaces from kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, miscellaneous furniture wrapping, closet wrapping, wardrobe refurbishment and more.    

Customer Satisfaction & World-Class Customer Service.

The proof is in the pudding and our customers are definitely doing the talking. We pride ourselves on providing premium wrapping solutions and go to great lengths with our premium wrapping services to ensure your floor, wall, furniture, kitchen and bathroom refurbishment experience is exactly how you envisioned it. Take a look at our reviews and see for yourself.     “The transformation of our kitchen and bathrooms was simply amazing. The team was here everyday on time, like clockwork and one could see they really enjoy and take pride in the work. Excellent company and highly recommended.” Deon Hugo     “I can’t say enough how amazing the team in Creative Wrap is. From Martin who was very hands on in helping us organize from scratch and continuously kept us updated and informed, to Aldrich who has been extremely accommodating in the showroom, helping us select the right materials. Lastly Archie, Rodel, Bernard, Jimmy and Vem did the wrap excellently making the house look stunning! We cannot wait to work with the team for our next house project.” Ciella Jenina Cruz     “I’m so happy that I chose Creative Wrap to transform my kitchen! They have the best selection of materials and colors, their customer service is great and very reactive, they also helped me with the choices and gave me good advice. Dennis and his team did an excellent job with high attention to detail in less than a day. The final result is of great quality and my kitchen looks brand new! I would highly recommend Creative Wrap if you’re looking to renovate the look of your home in a simple way.” Hala Alsheikh Ali    

How Is Custom Wrapping Faster Than Renovation?

Custom furniture wrapping gives any area in your home or commercial space a fresh look without the need for extensive renovation. We transform your bathroom, living room, bedroom, conference room (and more) in as little as one day using our unique Architectural Interior Film. This is especially beneficial for homeowners, tenants and commercial spaces who want to achieve their desired look without time-consuming traditional renovation methods.    

How Is Custom Wrapping Environmentally Friendly?

Every year, tons of old or damaged furniture are thrown out of residential and commercial buildings and into landfills. Creative Wrap has a strong “Upcycle” ethos which means you can avoid buying new furniture when changing your interior decorating preferences or no longer enjoy a piece of furniture. Just wrap it! You’ll love the difference.    

Transform Your Interior Space Today And See The Results

If you’re looking to totally transform your living spaces at a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation, contact Creative Wrap Dubai today for premium wrapping solutions. You can also send us photographs of what you would like wrapped, along with your design ideas and we will have someone contact you within 24 hours.