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Seasonal Trends – Wrapping up 2021

Whilst the all white kitchen wrap will always be in style, we have seen lots of new trends for this season. Think natural bases with pops of colour as well as some dark colours you might never expect.

Creative Wrap’s sustainable interior films are perfect for a kitchen wrap and allow customers the freedom to change the look and feel of any room in as little as one day, making kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations more cost effective and eco friendly. When it comes to countertops, wood is becoming a new favourite with its warmer more organic feel,  coupled with black cabinets for a modern look or white cabinets for more of a country style vibe.

A neutral kitchen wrap with a pop of colour for the kitchen island is another seasonal trend, we love how the colour stands out and contrasts the neutral cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet finishes, matte is the popular option. Gloss is out. Glossy kitchen cabinets create a basic, somewhat simpler feel and we seem to be moving away from this approach. Let’s talk kitchen hardware, this can often be overlooked, yet it can make a huge difference to the final transformation. This season we have seen lots of matte black, gold and even leather. Matte black kitchen wrap paired with white cabinets makes a big statement. Gold finishes are a compelling trend and this season we have seen lots of rich deep gold brushed finishes which look stunning against both light and dark cabinets and add a formal touch to your kitchen.

Leather handles offer a surprise element to the kitchen and brings a timeless vintage vibe to any style cabinet. Keen to go green with your new kitchen? Contact one of our Representatives in UAE or Egypt for more information on interior wrapping and get a quote for your new kitchen wrapping. Check out some images below for some inspiration for your new kitchen wrap…