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The Importance Vinyl Wrapping Plays In Sustainability

The image above shows just a small glimpse of deforestation occurring across the globe. One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second; 20 football fields every minute! It is estimated that this contributes approximately 12% – 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions[1] At the current rate of deforestation, it will take less than a century before all rain-forests are destroyed causing over 28,000 species to become extinct. The costs of destroying our rain-forests and not ending deforestation is incomprehensible.

Finding new, innovative ways to help reduce our dependence on wood and other resources is of paramount importance to help move the world to a more sustainable future. In this blog we will discuss the various ways in which Vinyl Wrap helps towards the combat against deforestation.

Why scrap it, when you can wrap it?

Here at Creative Wrap Solutions one of our mottos are “why scrap it, when you can wrap it?”. Thousands of wooden cabinets and furniture items are thrown out every year as they become outdated, damaged, worn-down or generally unwanted. The great advantage that wrapping gives is that, when done properly, and professionally, it can completely transform any type of item whether it be a desk, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe door, or table; bringing a new lease of life.

At Creative Wrap we have already undertaken many projects to bring outdated kitchens back to life. Completely transforming them in a matter of days using the existing kitchen cabinets that are already in place. This both avoids new doors being made and thus more trees being cut down, more importantly it also prevents the old, worn cabinets being thrown away, greatly increasing their life-span. In a perfect world any wooden items being thrown away would be recycled; however, this is generally not the case. With that said, by increasing the lifespan of these wooden cabinets we are also preventing them from entering landfill; it’s a win-win!

Architectural vinyl; is it the real deal?

Architectural vinyl is a favourite at the Creative Wrap offices. Our range now consists of over 500 different effects ranging from marble, stone, granite, metal and, of course….wood! The architectural vinyl that we use is at the forefront of innovation. It is scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant and we have a huge variety of effects that now come with a “texture”; including the wood effects. To elaborate on this; when the “wooden” architectural vinyl is installed, it not only looks like wood, but it feels like wood as well. When seen no one would be any the wiser that it was not actually wood!

With the newest technologies in architectural vinyl we can re-create any type of look and feel that the client wants. With the environmental impact playing an evermore crucial role when selecting any product, here at Creative Wrap we feel that architectural vinyl is not only a substitute for wood but should be considered a suitable alternative. With all the issues that come with natural wood such as staining, warping, twisting, rotting, splintering, scratching, expanding, contracting (and the list goes on) we truly feel that as Architects and Designers a like become more aware of the possibilities that Architectural Vinyl creates, natural timber will soon begin to phase out and Architectural vinyl will be the material of choice.

With all the focus on wood it is also important to note that the same applies to metal, stone, granite and all the architectural range. Not only would the end user be saving money when choosing architectural vinyl, but they will also be doing their part in helping the world adapt a more sustainable approach to sourcing materials. The average cost of a new marble counter top for a kitchen is AED 1,500 per metre squared. Even the most expensive architectural vinyl comes in at four times less than that. On average the end user will save 80% when opting for an architectural vinyl over the original material. So not only can you save money, but you can do your part in saving the planet too!


To summarise; not only can vinyl wrap provide a solution to extending the life of almost any household furniture, cabinet, kitchen, wardrobe and other items, but it can prevent new ones being required and therefore positively affecting the fight against the likes of deforestation and mining, helping the world in general. Additionally, architectural vinyl is more than a viable alternative to many types of material; especially wood.

Architectural vinyl could even be considered as more superior to materials such as wood due to the negative characteristics that wood generally possess: such as expansion and contraction. Anyone who chooses architectural vinyl over its ‘original’ counterpart not only helps save the environment but also saves money at the same time with architectural vinyl being up to 90% cheaper.

So, the next time you want to upgrade or change the look of your room, or purchase that exotic material; try wrapping it instead!
If you have any questions on the article above please feel free to contact a member of the Creative Wrap Team and we will be happy to help!