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What’s The Difference Between A Kitchen Reface, A ‘New’ Kitchen & A Kitchen Wrap?

A kitchen is central to every home – the place where delicious meals are made and where families and friends gather. As a well-used space in the home, kitchens can therefore be prone to grease, spills, chipped surfaces and other general wear and tear. Maintaining the overall aesthetic and functionality of a kitchen is important to keeping it an inviting space for you and your guests, which is why kitchen refurbishments are a popular trend all year round using a variety of methods on offer such as kitchen refacing, complete kitchen fitouts and professional kitchen wrapping.

Gone are the days when home renovations projects mean lengthy turnaround times and expensive investments. Now customers have more attractive and varied solutions when it comes to kitchen remodelling, with three main ways to go about it.

1. Refacing (or Resurfacing): Ideal for giving a kitchen interior a general ‘facelift’.

2. A New Kitchen: A complete overhaul of the kitchen, with fittings completely replaced.

3. Kitchen Wrapping: Kitchens can now be given a makeover with professional kitchen wrapping. At Creative Wrap, we specialise in the latter, providing smart transformations of spaces with our vinyl kitchen wrapping services.

Let’s look at each option closely – if you’re looking into kitchen refurbishment, here’s what you should consider:

Refacing a kitchen

A cost-effective solution with moderate timelines and effort. Kitchen refacing or resurfacing gives you continuous access to your space while the project is underway. It doesn’t include a structural revamp – as the name suggests, only the ‘face’ or surface of the kitchen changes. Add in cabinet doors, countertops, panels and wall colours of your choosing while working with the existing cabinetry. At times, minor upgrades to the mouldings or hardware may be required.

If you’re keen on a kitchen with a different look but want an affordable alternative with up to 50% in savings, a kitchen reface may be the right fix. Keep in mind, however, this option is only viable if your cabinetry is in decent shape and well-built.  

Replacing a kitchen

For a long time, an entire refit was the only option available when people wanted renovations. In terms of the kitchen, it means gutting out the cabinetry and replacing the boxes, doors and drawers. It involves structurally redoing everything about your kitchen and its hardware, including major style transformations and the replacement of flooring, tiling and backsplashes.

This sort of refurbishment is time-consuming, labour-intensive and almost always means living in a home with an out-of-service kitchen. It’s also the most expensive choice as the cost of conceptualising, manpower and supplies/materials used have to be taken into account. A massive undertaking, new kitchens tend to be the last resort but could prove a likely solution for a kitchen with dilapidated fittings and layouts that require a total overhaul.

Kitchen wrapping

A hot trend taking the kitchen renovation world by storm, professional kitchen wrapping has gained popularity in the last couple of years – and for good reason. While customers get to redesign their space, the project keeps the integrity of the current kitchen intact. You can give a brand new look and feel to your kitchen with just a ‘wrap’ –, a high-quality architectural film which can be applied to myriad surfaces to give a revamped look and feel.

When you start a vinyl kitchen wrapping service with us, you can pick out the palettes, patterns and textures you want as there are thousands of new-generation finishes in our portfolio. Not only can you cut down on 70% of the traditional refurbishment costs, but the installation time is significantly less when compared to a new kitchen, allowing you to get back to normal in as little as a day.

Highly durable, waterproof and scratch-resistant, our premium wrap calls for minimal maintenance. Wrapping your kitchen is reversible with no damage (unlike making structural changes for a new kitchen) and comes with a 5-year warranty on the film.

Switch from scrapping to wrapping

While all these factors are great, the best part about kitchen wrapping is that it is sustainable, allowing you to completely ‘glaze’ over and protect worn-out cabinetry with confidence.

Not only can you render an authentic appearance to your interiors (be it with a film for metal, wood, stone, etc), but you also play an active role in preventing more fittings from ending up in landfills! With the current state of global climate change and deforestation, your decision to wrap and not scrap is a win for the environment.  

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As mentioned on our website, your kitchen refurbishment does not need to be stressful or messy. Our team is highly skilled and will deliver a seamless experience from start to finish.  

If you are ready for a trendy, pocket-friendly and eco-conscious approach to kitchen renovations, call us or contact us here. Let us know your request – we’ll be happy to help you make your upcycled kitchen dreams come true, and give your dinner guests something to say ‘wow’ about (aside from your cooking, of course).