Flood Proof: How Luxury Vinyl Flooring Resists Water Damage

In April 2024, the UAE experienced the heaviest rainfall in 75 years with flooding causing severe disruption not only at Dubai International Airport but for businesses and households alike. Fortunately for commercial and residential properties with luxury vinyl flooring or ‘LVT flooring’ the risk of flood damage in these areas is slim with a level […]

The Best Full Kitchen Wrapping Services in Dubai & Cost

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Looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look? Creative Wrap is the ultimate destination for the best full kitchen wrapping services in the UAE. With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, we are the go-to choice for transforming your kitchen into a stylish and functional space in less time than a traditional renovation. […]

How A Tile Wrapping & Bathroom Wrapping Renovation Can Refresh & Renew

In the realm of bathroom renovations, a bathroom wrap company like Creative Wrap UAE offers tile wrapping and bathroom wrapping as the secret to a speedy and pleasing end result. Revitalising your living space doesn’t always mean a complete overhaul with sky-high renovation costs. Sometimes, all it takes is a touch of creativity and a […]

Architectural Interior Film For Hotel Wrapping Renovations

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Give life to your hotel interior design and exceed guests’ expectations with our speedy hotel renovation. Creative Wrap is the premier vinyl wrapping company in the GCC region and our premium wrapping service uses architectural interior film and is suitable for all interior renovation projects including office refurbishment, home interior wrapping, and commercial renovation.  Many […]

Creative Wrap: Leaders In Sustainable Furniture Wrapping Services

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If you had to quantify, how many items of furniture you have owned over the years? And how many of those items have you replaced with newer, shinier furniture and fittings? At Creative Wrap, we say ‘Don’t scrap it, wrap it’ by choosing furniture wrapping. Did you know 1.5 acres of forest are cut down […]

2024 Floor Wrapping Trends & The Benefits of LVT Flooring

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Flooring is as much a design element in your home renovation as it is a functionality must. Floor wrapping has the potential to impact the overall aesthetic, ambience and functionality of your home or business location. A particular type of flooring that continues to trend and is sure to be a favourite in 2024 due […]

The Importance Vinyl Wrapping Plays In Sustainability

The image above shows just a small glimpse of deforestation occurring across the globe. One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second; 20 football fields every minute! It is estimated that this contributes approximately 12% – 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions[1] At the current rate of deforestation, it will take […]

Fully Customisable Kitchen Wraps For Easy Kitchen Renovation

The sky is the limit when it comes to the Kitchen Wrap that Creative Wrap Solutions has to offer. Here at Creative Wrap Solutions we truly focus on bringing our customers a solution that not only offers quality materials but the ability to fully customise every millimeter of any space; including your kitchen. Enticing interest […]

6 Easy Kitchen Renovation Tips With Creative Wrap’s Kitchen Wrapping

Kitchen renovation does not need to be stressy or messy! Below we discuss 6 ways to quickly and easily renovate your kitchen. Clean & De-Clutter Let’s start with the easiest of them all (yes it’s even less messy than wrapping!) – cleaning & de-clutter. Everyone knows a hoarder, or a wannabe chef who overcompensates their […]

Creative Wrap Presents World Class Architectural Interior Film

Wrapping up the advantages of Architectural Interior Film At Creative we specialise in offering high-quality, self-adhesive, laminated interior film application system that provides the authentic appearance of real material, at a fraction of the price; we present to you, Architectural Interior Film. Today we discuss the ins and outs of architectural interior film and how […]